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Torino process in Kazakhstan

European Training Foundation in Kazakhstan

The cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - MES) and the European Training Foundation (hereinafter ETF) is carried out in the framework of the signed Declaration regarding the intentions over the cooperation between MES and ETF (September 27, 2010) and the Protocol of cooperation between the MES and ETF (October 1, 2011).

In the framework of the Torino process, MES in cooperation with ETF conduct international, national and regional activities to discuss issues of partnerships in the spheres of education and business, the qualifications of employers in technical and vocational education and training (hereinafter TVET) for cooperative learning, and the role of information-analytical database in the modernization of the TVET system. 

In the framework of the Protocol on cooperation between MES and ETF, the following aspects are considered to be implemented:

1. Torino Process on the Review of cooperation between the spheres of education and business;

2. Multi-Country project "Education", which includes three components:

- analysis of the "Learning in the workplace";

- analysis of case studies on "formal and informal apprenticeship";

- "network of teachers and professional masters engaged in the job training".

Torino process in Kazakhstan: general information 

Torino Process in Kazakhstan is an interactive process, which includes a policy analysis based on evidence in the field of technical and vocational education and training.

The main aim of the TVET policy is a comprehensive modernization of the system in accordance with the world development, so that the TVET system will be able to meet international standards and expectations.

Torino process in Kazakhstan: priorities in the development of the TVET system
  • Widespread improvement of the quality in providing TVET education;
  • Improvement of education and business cooperation with an emphasis on the economic field, dominated by small and medium enterprises;
  • Improvement of professional staff development in the TVET system.
Torino process in Kazakhstan: national strategic documents

The implementation of a comprehensive policy on technical and vocational education and training is based on a close connection between educational policies and programs on supporting the economic development, as well as  programs on sectoral or regional development and is based on strategic documents:

  • The State Programme of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020, which aims to update the content of the TVET system, development of infrastructure, material and technical base, independent evaluation of professional readiness, corporate governance, etc;
  • The State Programme for Accelerated Industrial-innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2014, which is aimed at ensuring the availability of skilled workers for completing industrial projects;
  • The Employment Programme 2020. The advantage of this program is in training of the unemployed population.
Torino process in Kazakhstan: key questions

Professional teacher development/ professionals in the TVET education

  • regional centers;
  • 4-year modular training;
  • teacher training system;
  • teacher salaries;
  • teacher career development.


Initiatives on the quality

  • social partnershsips;
  • updating of the structure / content of the TVET system;
  • infrastructure;
  • management of the TVET system;
  • e-learning.


Cooperation of business and education

  • Cooperative form of learning with the involvement of the business field;
  • National Council on the development of technical and vocational education and training of the staff;
  • 14 sectorial boards;
  • 16 regional boards;
  • 432 Boards of Trustees;
  • Kasipkor Holding company;
  • Local partnerships between employers and educational organizations.


Social and economic context

  • The growth of the labor force;
  • Economic growth;
  • The growth of the service sector;
  • Migration / unemployment;
  • The development of small and medium business, informal sector of the economy.

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